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We offer various product designs based on different themes, such as parties, Christmas, home decor, and gifts for parents and more. These are intended to be fun, and if the text or inscriptions on them seem offensive or inciting, they do not represent the values or mentality of our company – they are for advertising purposes only. All Purchases should be Supervised by an adult. All materials are brand new and sourced directly from manufacturers.

We accept online payment certified only, by paypal, Woocommerce payment, credit card or credit debit.

We have a policy of refunds within ten days after delivery. You can contact us and we will come to an agreement.

No, we do not have a physical store. We only offer our design merchandise through our online store.

Depending on the product, the delivery delay will also depend on the delivery condition and your area. When you make a purchase, you should check the approximate delivery time for your chosen products. Additionally, due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, some orders may experience longer delays.